Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's been a week since Ian was born!
It really doesnt feel that long (the labour part did)
Tuesday 2pm - heading out to the airport to get my mum when realize my water broke.. No not the gushing waterfall type but just enough to know it broke n not make a mess!
So we manage to contact my mum before she leaves Chicago ( the last flight out before last weeks storm!) and had a kind friend pick her up.. And host her for 2 nights while k n I stayed at hospital.
At 3pm I was 1 cm dilated so was labor was induced ( oh no, gives stronger contractions)
After a bunch of contractions and my labor coach and I trying to make it thru, the doc checked again and At 2 am I was 5 cm ... I.e probably quite some hours to go to get to 10cm
It was a good time to opt for an epidural!
So we did and both k n I promptly fell asleep from mental exhaustion n all the excitement. 7am Wednesday- we made it to a grand total of 6cm! 1cm after 4 hours?? Anti climax ...
More induction drugs.. If we don't get to 10 cm in 4 hours chances are we need a c section.
Baby heart rate drops so the drug is reduced.. And good news by 11am or so .. We are at 8cm. It took another 4 hours to get to 10cm, and by the time doc said we were ready to push-- we were ready! it wasn't just the waiting.. I was having contraction pain n tired if lying down n not having food or water for the last 24 hrs!
The pushing took 20 or so mins-- baby, you are coming out NOW!

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  1. The period from 8PM - 2AM was particularly challenging. Contractions were coming every 5 mins and lasted for about 90secs. Couldn't lie down 'cos it felt more painful..and we got tired from walking around the ward!