Friday, January 21, 2011

Counting down

A week to go and we've had 2 lovely baby showers, one with the singaporean/malaysian- mostly student- community, and also our church friends.
When I told my brother about the shower, he thought I had given birth already!
In Singapore, we celebrate the first month after the baby has been born, a buffet meal for family and friends... on the other hand, a baby shower takes place before the baby comes, mostly with a group of women, someone organises it for the pregnant person (yay) and it is a means of showing support and joy at the incoming baby. It kind of helps with getting baby items / advice/ stories you need.
 A friend commented that  doing it after the birth kind of makes it easier on the mum IF anything happens, while a baby shower has a more optimistic tone, i.e. u are assuming that all will go well. who knows? : )


  1. I wish you'd blog more often! That's a cute cake! :) And yah, baby showers aren't that common in Singapore.

  2. one week to go?! exciting stuff Linli! please post pics of the baby.