Monday, November 9, 2009

What to do with healthy grains?

Recently, in a bid to add more fibre and minerals to our diet, I bravely purchased a small bag of mixed grain/rice.
I mixed it with our daily ration of white rice, much to the dismay of my man. We had it for about a week, when he finally broke down and asked for white rice instead. The best compromise we came to was once a week brown, mixed grainy rice, and even then, I should not tell him when it was coming. For this reason, he sighs with relief after he sees whats in the rice cooker/ rice bowl when we went back to white rice. I decided not to "torture" him and now we have white rice again.
Now I know how my parents felt when they tried to make us kids eat brown rice when we were growing up. And we either ate very little, or ate very slowly. (My brothers still don't eat brown rice I believe)

Fragrant white rice sops up the flavour and sauce of the asian dishes you are eating, brown rice + grains changes the taste of the meal in a different way. So, what do I do now with 3/4 pack of healthy grains... my husband suggests feeding it to the birds. 


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