Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vietnamese food in Pittsburgh

There is arguably a dearth (scarcity that makes something dear, I had to look it up ;) of asian restaurants in Pittsburgh, but we found this one at The Strip, a block from Lotus that is clean and pretty good. The food is fresh, there are enough prawns and herbs in the fresh spring rolls, the place does not smell like bleach (unlike another vietnamese joint that we've quit going to), and the service is decent (see previous comment).
 The first time we went, I peeled the roots off the bean sprouts before dipping them into the boiling hot beef soup (I just don't like them), and was pretty impressed that today, they had peeled the bean sprout roots off for us. Business looked pretty good today, so we're glad..we want them to stay open! some hp photos...
Vietnam's Pho
1627 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4303
(412) 281-8881

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