Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books, Carnegie Library of PIttsburgh

I love the local library here!
It's a great place to hang out, there are lots of community programs taking place there- learn to read programs, book clubs, story time for kids, people milling about...

Things I love about it :

1) The marble steps that are worn down by the many decades of use. It is a historic building, and feels like it (while having modern amenities).

2) Free internet  ( a modern amenity)

3) "crazy mocha" cafe - italian sodas and coffee :)  (see above)

4) glimpses of antiquity- the ornate sitting well with the modern

5) helpful, friendly staff - one of whom gave me a quick tour when he saw me photographing, and showed me the "original' tile floor they found (and have now preserved) while doing renovations at the library.

6) great book selection - new stuff old stuff , books are well-featured on tables

7) lots of comfy chairs, loungers, comfy leather arm chairs, rocking chairs... and good reading lights placed next to them (how considerate is that!) ..did i mention its comfy?

8)  borrow 50 items - DVDs, CDs, books, magazines...

The only thing missing now is a library cat! Such things do exist
Gotta love the CARNEGIE LIBRARY!
Visit or donate soon!

Many other great nooks, but I decided to let people read in peace. Shhhh...

Feel free to share YOUR library experience!


  1. Very nice, thanks for the great post and pictures.

    Don, Reference Services, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

  2. Singapore had a great old library, but they tore it down! This is a wonderful library

  3. I've always loved the sloping steps, too.