Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The resident hockey team of Pittsburgh are the Penguins, and we are in the midst of the ice hockey season.
Yesterday, the Penguins played a crucial match against the Detroit Red Wings, and with each goal or near-goal, I heard yells from around the neighborhood as fans cheered and booed passionately at their television screens, breaking the usual silence of the night. Then I realised there was a familiar yell coming from just below the room I was in- it was my husband, who has become an ice hockey convert, specifically to Penguins team.
I guess its about time, since we have been here close to three years!
The Penguins will be playing the Red Wings in 2 days, if they win, they win the Championship!
Go Pens!

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  1. hockey games are the BESSSSTTT!!!

    did u take that pic?