Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newborn Portraits

Went for a workshop yesterday organized by two great photographers in Pittsburgh, David Burke and Heather Lahtinen on photographing newborns. While the basics of good photography are what make a shot, the details count a lot as well, from equipment to the actual shoot, props, getting baby comfy... to the post-processing. Heather is really a post-processing whiz, and is an accredited Adobe Expert! I thought that was pretty amazing...I'm very inspired to speed up my digital workflow haha. David has a different approach to shooting, which balanced out the course in a really cool way. The workshop was held in David's home, talk about working from home! I liked that both photographers have a balanced and passionate perpective of life, valuing their family and faith in inspiring ways. Very cool day. Still working on shots, but here is the first one, the baby model looks very angelic to begin with...


  1. beautiful! charis saw it and asked me if you painted the baby grey before taking the photo... haha.

  2. thanks ladies, hahahaha... this charis... very creative