Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today I read a book about a cat who lived in a library in Iowa, in a small city called Spencer. The book has a great cover photo, and as with most pet books I read, I started with the last chapter.
These books are usually written after the aforementioned pet has died, and so they usually end with the very sad but timely death of this pet... so to get the worst part over with, I read the end first...then I feel like I can enjoy the rest of the book more.

This was a pretty good read, I finished it in a couple of hours and came away with a slightly bigger impression of Iowa as a major corn producer and also small town / farm life as was described in this book as a backdrop to this cat story. The non-cat elements take up about 65% of the book, and include stories about the author's struggles with poverty, illness and family.

Yes, I do like animals and recently I was chatting with my husband about funeral/death arrangements, and he said quite earnestly and lovingly, "I will bury you in a pet cemetery."

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