Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good folks

There is a room in the animal shelter around here with about 7 cats in a room, roaming freely. As a volunteer, I enter this room to play with the cats (domesticating them for adoption) or to clean up the litter boxes (hold your breath and wash hands thoroughly after!). Today, there was an old lady and her aide, who came to the shelter to interact with cats. The lady was from a nursing home and liked holding cats. So, this is quick snap of her in the room, where a fat cat jumped onto her lap and sat for awhile, purring. The lady was very pleased and so was the cat. (My hubby thinks I might be like this when I'm old...well, pets are affectionate!) Another cat was playing with the 'emergency cord' on the lady's rolling bed/chair, and that had to be stopped an innocent pull set the alarm off.

The aide shared that she was part of a volunteer group that brought the people in the nursing home out once a fortnight or something... either to pet cats or to the mall, just anywhere with people and activity. Very nice. Good for the folks. Good kitty. (yes, the room looks like a regular bedroom, very nice interior)


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