Thursday, April 9, 2009

City in mourning

Three police officers were killed in Pittsburgh this week.

Senseless deaths it seems. They were dispatched to a house when a mother called in, asking for help getting her son to leave. The police went to the house to help, not knowing that "son" had a number of guns on hand. legally owned.

So, they entered the house and got shot multiple times. There was no chance to fight back it seems.

The sad part of it is that their deaths could be avoided. The operator who dispatched them was relatively new, and failed to transmit crucial information-- that the 'son' had weapons. Perhaps the policemen would not have entered the house, and perhaps would not have gotten shot. I am sure the operator feels lousy about it... who knew that her one mistake would cost three families their fathers and husbands.

Thousands of people and policemen from all over came to Pittsburgh this week to pay their respects and concern for their brothers in blue. We were surprised at the numbers and places people came from to show their empathy and understanding, and hope that it helped the families and police force find support.


  1. While all the cops were at the memorial, 3 banks were robbed.

  2. not too surprising.. and not too smart to have most of all of the cops at the memorial