Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Generating Electricity



That was me in the parking lot today. Getting zapped by electricity that I generated, together with the physical laws of the universe.
Being from a humid country, I have not had a lot of experience with static electricity, but I'm wholly convinced that I am able to generate more static electricity than the average person. Ask my husband, whom I zap once in awhile on the nose (with my nose).

Static electricity is the imbalance of
positive and negative charges.

I wonder if I'm a negative or positive charge ;)

Tips to reduce static or reduce pain associated with getting zapped :
1) Use anti-static hand lotion
2) take off your shoes
3) humidify
4) wear a thimble on your finger and discharge electricity as often as possible (seriously?)
5) cover your shoes with aluminum foil (maybe when I go for a fancy dress party)
6) wear more natural fibres, less synthetic


1 comment:

  1. Adrian gets zapped all the time especially when we're shopping for groceries at the KAP Cold Storage. It's very strange...