Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I woke up this morning to a small face peering at me, counting.. "eleventy-one, eleventy-two..."
Then it went down to "sixty-one, fifty-nine..." and finally, "AUNTY LINLI! ARE YOU AWAKE??!!" in surround sound.
I opened my eyes to the Counting voice.. ah.. It was our friend's 3 year old who was staying the night. Maybe I should have gone to bed when she did.
Anyhows, she is a real character and makes me laugh on my insides and we are going to have breakfast now while I ponder the origins of "eleventy-five".

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  1. this is the (eleventy-two minus eleventy-one)st time i heard of such a thing.

    was helping out in a kindergolf school (golf for kids these 2 days). surprisingly no spoilt young kids. where else when i went to observe a mindchamps (carmee.l's organisation), the older kids were pretty unruly n some were clearly haughty.

    crucial formative years.