Thursday, January 29, 2009


As cold and snowy as it is, we are pretty lucky that its not worse. And in many other parts of the US, it is worse.
There was a news story of trees collapsing from the weight of the snow, onto power lines. Imagine being in sub-zero temperatures and not having heat. For a few days. An elderly lady lit a stove in her basement to keep warm and somehow the rest of her house caught fire :(

Trucks go out to salt the roads, to make it less slippery, but the salt truck that services our area broke down yesterday. We didn't go out yesterday, but our neighbor tells us that most people parked their cars at the bottom of the condo area and walked (since it was too slippery to drive up...this is a hilly area). Looking out the window, there IS no road. Just lots of snow. Most schools were also closed yesterday and set back 2 hours today, if not cancelled.. that probably goes for most people's meetings and activities.

This kinda reminds me of what a chinese physician told me, that having four seasons is actually healthier for people, because it forces them to slow down once a year and be less active, resting their bodies and minds. Then comes the other 3 seasons where you can get pumped up again...

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  1. Hi Lin Li, this is mary-ann. i came across your blog while reading melanie's. i'm mtg her on the 27th, first time we're mtg up after 10 years!

    Totally agree with the Chinese physician. D and i miss the seasons terribly. I personally miss being snowed in (D rolls eyes at this statement). It is incredibly challenging to try and take a time-out here. You shd really treasure your stint in the US.