Thursday, January 29, 2009

Salt trucks

From Pitts. newspaper:

"If you've ever thought that the city of Pittsburgh street you travel was forgotten by the salt truck crews, you may have been right, according to an audit released yesterday by Controller Michael Lamb.

The 34-page report suggests that the "war on snow" declared by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl last year is far from won.

Applying the microscope to just one of the city's six public works divisions, and looking at the 106 streets about which there were multiple complaints of poor snow removal, Mr. Lamb found 39 streets that weren't slated for plowing or salting.

That's just one of the problems with the city's street maintenance program, which also suffers from sub-optimal salt storage, pothole patching and decision-making on street resurfacing, according to the audit.

Case in point was yesterday's morning commute, when, despite relatively warm morning temperatures, Tuesday night's serving of snow and ice snarled traffic deep into the day."

oh well...

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