Saturday, December 13, 2008


We were supposed to fly off this morning, but characteristically (of particular airlines), it got cancelled. One of us got put on another flight, the other didn't. It was a few minutes of flurry as we tried to figure out what was happening.

Turns out, there was a mechanical error of sorts, and we are flying at 6am the next day. Meaning that we got to be at the airport at 4am...meaning we should leave around 3am to get to our friend's place (who is kindly getting us to the airport!)
Should we sleep tonight?

So, we've been kinda dazed today, all the luggage is still packed.. and fortunately we had friends to have lunch to add a touch of warmth to the day.

Now, we have a few hours to go..with a longer transit time at the next airport. I guess we should er..repack.. and get ready to leave again? or sleep first then go again?
hopefully we get to leave this time, and not inconvenience our kind friends again!

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